Thursday, April 5, 2012

Now ya got my Dander up!

This is what I'm talking about when I say the biggest problem with Christianity is often Christians!  I grew up and attended a Church of God in Lufkin.  The rampant ignorance of the church is ...well...stupifying.   Something was said to me when I was about 16 that didn't jive with my understanding of the Bible and Jesus' teachings and it drove me away from the Church for 20 years. 

We must let the world know about God's Divine Grace if we are going to spread the Good News.  This is the great commission of Christ.  If anything you or your church does that does not further the Kingdom of God by sharing God's Grace and the Good News, then you are NOT doing what God has called, and is calling, you to do.  Does this sign reflect Grace?  The Good News?  Salvation in Christ?  Love for God and for our nieghbors (EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET)!  Is this sign bringing people to Christ or driving them away with absolutely ignorant, judgementalism taken to an extreme that frankly causes my blood to boil.

So...allow me to get a little tongue in cheek here.  The first Surfers...Jesus and Peter.  Musicians... umm King David!  Artists....have ya ever seen the Sistine Chapel?  the Pieta?  Isn't God the ultimate artist and sculpter?  Vegetarians....while I love my meat, no where in the Bible does it say, "Thou shalt only eat meat and be carniverous!"  Occupiers and Activists...well, everyone of the disciples was an activist, some were Revolutionaries who wanted to get rid of the Roman rulers.  Jesus was the ultimate activist and often stood, debated, and taught through actions and words those in power, especially the Jewish Sanhedrin.  As to addicts there are plenty of people in the Bible that were good and went to Heaven despite various frailties and addictions, for NO ONE Is perfect before God.  We have all sinned and fallen short of Christ.  As to Fornicators, well...none of us would be here......

Just blows my mind!  Please, please, please do not read such idiocy and think that they represent Christianity.  If you want to know Jesus, have a personal relationship with the God of the Universe, know peace, love, acceptance, and joy, let me know and I'll help you understand these things.

Only the Holy Spirit can change people.  All you can do is plant a seed.  God waters and nurtures it according to His will, not yours.

God Bless.


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  1. Oh, good gracious! Of all the . . . Did you take that picture, Ed? Vegetarians?! Who would put up a sign like that? On the other hand, you've gotta admit, it's got a certain all-you-damnn-kids-get-off-m'-yard flair. I wonder if the pastor has a closet full of baseballs he's confiscated over the years.


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