Monday, July 23, 2012

Confessions of a Christian

I’m writing this hoping to see reconciliation and hope come out of it, instead of fundamentalism and anger;  Love and Peace instead of Hatred and War.  My Savior, Jesus Christ, came to reconcile the world to God, to show that we must love God and love one another.  These are the greatest commandments, but I confess I (and the Christian community I’m a part of) haven’t always done this.  So please read this confession and know that bigotry, hatred, anger, and racism have no place in Christianity.

I confess that I (and fellow Christians) have approached others in a state of judgment rather than a state of love and acceptance.

I confess that my church (not my God) has often chosen to exclude rather than include.

I confess that my church (not my God) has perverted the greatest message of hope, social justice, and love into something that hurts humanity rather than lifts it up.

I confess that I and many like me have challenged, insulted, and condemned rather than shared the message of hope, love, and reconciliation found in Christ.

I confess that many of us, in our quest to be right with God, have missed that we should have been sharing the love of God, and instead have made others feel like outsiders, or rejected them outright.  (Jesus ate with sinners, and came to redeem, not condemn)

I confess that many of us (Christians) have become known for what or who we are against, and not for what (who) we are for.  It’s about Grace, not judgment. 

I confess that I have been a hypocrite, not living out my faith.  We should be living the faith, not just saying it.

I confess that I have talked when I should have been listening, attacked when I should have been loving, and drove people away when I should have been welcoming them into the Church.

I confess that many Christians (me included) have hidden behind the walls of the Church instead of living an authentic witness in the world.

I confess that my religion has led to wars, violence and hatred.  But know that it didn’t start that way, nor will it end that way. 

I confess that church should be a hospital for sinners (everybody, me included), not a sanctuary for saints.

There is more of course, but I think you get the idea.  I believe if you are not sharing grace, you are missing the point of Jesus’ ministry.  So, now that the air has been cleared, when you get angry at Christians, remember not all of us are what you see on tv or hear on the radio.  The Westboro idiots are not Christians, as anyone who espouses that God hates anyone is ignorant of Jesus’ teachings.

Remember it’s about reconciliation, loving others, living an authentic witness, and spreading the good news.  Now go forth and feed the sheep.