Thursday, August 2, 2012

Status Quo is Not Good

Jesus was a revolutionary.  Not in the go fight a war sense, but with his teachings on peace, love, acceptance, forgiveness, the evils of judgmentalism, and he often spoke against the established "Religion" of the day in the Pharisees and their live holier than everyone else.  Jesus stood against the status quo and said, there is a better way; "I am the way, the truth, and the light.  No one goes to the Father except through me."  He ate with sinners, accepted the tax collectors, gave to the poor, worried for those in prison, sick, ill, or grieving.  He asked his followers to look after the widows and the orphans.

I bring this up to introduce my topic today.  One that will probably make many of my fellow Christians angry, and many of my more liberal friends angry.  But I have to speak the truth in love as I see it and understand it.

Is Gay marriage truly the "end of the world as we know it?"  So many good, Christian people seem to lose all sense of proportion on this issue.  You can see this in the millions flocking to Chik a Fila to protest or support an anti-gay marriage stand has been reported everywhere...facebook, emails, national tv news shows, etc.  It really makes me sad, for the effect it has on those gay people amongst us.  They see Christians as bigots who would take away any secular human rights they have. This "movement" has harmed the growth of Christianity.

I submit that you cannot change anyone through such protests, flamewars, personal attacks, or threats of Hell.  Actually, YOU can't change anyone.  Period.  Only the Holy Spirit can do that, but I digress.

I propose a different way.  Allow secular gay-marriage in our society.  I promise it will happen in the next twenty years anyway, and all the status quo is doing is further dividing Americans, urban vs rural, liberals vs conservative, Christians vs homosexuals.  Instead of protests, offer friendship.  Instead of hatred or bigotry, offer Christian love.  Break fast with them, pray with them, and offer them the grace that God gave us.  Grace is God's gift to ALL humanity, not just the frozen chosen, and not just the WASPs of our society.

But, you say, "Ed, homosexuality is a sin, and Paul said not to allow them into the Church."  Maybe Paul did, but you need to understand that in the original 2000 year old texts, he was referring to men who sleep with boys....Pedophilia.  But when the King James edition came along that word had not yet been invented and the word they chose instead was Homosexuals.  So is it a sin?  I'll be honest.  I don't know.  I do know that I have enough of my own sins to worry about with "fear and trembling" that I am not willing to judge another's.

My next point is the most important one.  Everyone sins.  All of us.  All the time.  Anything you do that takes you out of the relationship with God is a sin.  If homosexuality is a sin, it is no worse than looking at porn and lusting, skipping church to watch the football game, harming your family with your words or your deeds, alcoholism, gossiping, drug addiction, gambling, partying, watching television or movies rather than studying the Word, (hope I'm stepping on someone's toes here) etc.  We are all sinners.  We have all sinned.  God's Grace is Adequate to cover All of Our sins, to cover  for All of US.

So even if you disagree with my premise here, I hope you consider that your words hurt, your actions can cause others to forever deny Christ, and as a Christian I think you are held accountable on that day when we stand for judgement.  Are you willing to look into the face of Christ and answer this question, "Why did you not lead others to me, instead you led them to anger and rejection of the Truth. Rejection of me.  Why?  Why did you not show them love as I taught you to."

For me, I'm going to follow my Revolutionary leader and savior.  When I don't know the answer, I'm simply going to answer with Love...

for all,