Monday, February 3, 2014

Love is the Greatest Commandment

It's been sometime since I last posted.  Being a football coach really ate up my entire Fall, then the Holidays, and then getting back to work.  I was blessed in November, December and January to be called to preach at several churches including my home church of First United Methodist of Caldwell.  It was wonderful and endearing for me to be able to bring God's word and His Love to others. 

I belong to a Facebook Group called Fans for Christ.  It's a bunch of Scify, Fantasy, Gaming geeks like me, who also believe Jesus is the Savior.  Some of the posts are questions about various denominational beliefs and doctrines.  I stay out of those.  My best comment for that is "go ask your preacher/priest."  But there are some occasional great questions. Here is one:  "Do any of you pray for atheist leaders?"  There were several answers.  One stated "No" and went on to state that "Christians need to catch up" with them on the internet. 

First, we should be praying for EVERYONE, regardless of religion, beliefs, values, or even political party.  Jesus taught us to pray for our enemies, to love our enemies. 

What is the best response?  Living an authentic witness.  Be Christlike.  Love God, Love Others in everything you do.  Don't judge, don't debate, don't berate, don't belittle, don't attack, don't protest, don't do anything that does not show love.  And please, don't attack with vehemence and then try to hide it with "The Bible Says...." Cause if you do, you ain't reading it all, and you may have missed the important Jesus parts.  You know, the parts about loving others, being a servant to all, or following His example.  You Cannot, Will Not Save anyone!  Only Jesus Saves.  Your job is to live an authentic witness, be prepared to share your testimony when asked, to be a servant to all, and to Love everyone, even those that you may find it difficult to love.

You plant the seeds, the Holy Spirit will grow them.

In Christ,