Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kairos Letters

The following are abstracts taken from letters written by the men of Kairos 54. This is what we are called to do.   “Love others as yourself.”

“It has truly been a life changing experience….and although this feeling I am experiencing now might not last forever I know in my heart that the memory will!  Though I am behind these walls today I am truly free.”

“I’ve learned that no matter how fare one goes off into the ocean of despair, God is always faithful to save you when we call out to Him to rescue us!  Such amazing grace!”

“I got to know God.”

“…just to remind you of the very words Christ spoke—“very well done thou good and faithful servant.  You made a difference and I want to say God bless you…”

“Your Christian actions have inspired me to take on a personal relationship with the Lord.  To better myself so I can be able to motivate and inspire others by what God has done for me.”

“Kairos has given me the light of forgiveness and a taste of real love, Unconditional love, His Love!”

“I am a 340lb 6’4” Black man.  I have 40 years to do.  I thought I was too manly to come to Kairos.  Now I feel like more of a man.”

“I came here a non-Christian to become a true Christian and now I’m ready to give it my life.”

“…I know I am free….I believe in the faith of Jesus Christ, the Real Jesus Christ now, and that these four days have opened the door to everlasting joy!”

“It has taught me how to grow in Christ and how I can promote God’s works to everyone I come into contact with.  I have witnessed God’s incredible power at work, turning hardened criminals into soft mounds of warm loving clay wanting to be reformed into what God wants them to be.  The transformation of lives and the love I have witnessed has been overwhelming.”

“I know that it will help me become a better person by the time that I get out of this place.”

“Because of you and others like you and others like you, I’ve enjoyed a sense of peace and tranquility in a place where bad things and bad situations produce bad attitudes and bad people.”

“This has created an excellent opportunity and environment to reach the unreachable, to touch the untouchable, and to love the unloveable.”

“Dear Brethren—here is a poem to show my appreciation:  I Wake

I wake to breath
The hope fraught air
Of dream reborn
Of gone despair
In every facet radiantly
The dawn is breaking there…
I wake to find
Deep meaning sown
Within a heart
Of crumbling stone
A bright and Shining vision of
True love that bids me home…”

“I have been a Christian for most of my life.  Kairos has showed me that Christianity is not a personal, passive thing.  It has showed me the need to be God’s ambassador and servant to the men around me.”

“As a candidate of #54 Kairos I thank you for helping to change the weeping of my night, to joy of the morning.”

“When a man comes from a past that is as filthy and ragged as mine, it is hard to understand the love that has been shown to me.”

“I learned that even a reject like me is loved by someone.  I learned forgiveness.  I can honestly say, that I have never forgiven anyone before.  But last night I forgave every hurt I was holding in my heart.  All the hate, pain, heartache, stress.”

“Seeing the love of God work through all of you is living evidence that our Lord Jesus Christ was expressing to us during His short time here.  It is very much a reality to me, even more so now than ever before.”

“I exist in a very dark place, prison, and I have great faith that enables me to face each day.  I know what loneliness is, I know what despair is.  God shows me what love is, what hope is….When light walks into a dark place the darkness must leave. “

“It is rare that people like us (inmates) get to step away from the everyday life of prison.  The constant tension, repetition, and stress.  These last four days have made me feel human again.  Thank you for letting me feel this agape love.  I’ve watched men torn down and built back up to be what God wanted us to be.”

“Over the last four days, we felt so much love.  I’m talking about a love that I didn’t think still existed….I thank God for giving me the opportunity to experience this love so I can be able to share it with others.”

“The experience of me being here in “Kairos” has touched my heart and made me see the big picture on life.  I found out that if we accept Jesus into our life, he will never leave us or forsake us!  I truly believe that.”

“Sometimes a person feels alone and it’s tough to open up to someone you don’t know or haven’t seen before.  But you did that without any judgment in your soul.”

“Many lives and hearts are now changed and that we can move in the right direction.”

“My heart cried out when I was given blessing, prayers, letters, and as the fellowship was shared and stomach filled, so was I filled with the Spirit you guys and women and children have given me. “

“This experience has given me a fully illustrated vision of the bigger picture of life and has given me the motivation to get back on the right track…this movement creates vision and hope for those in need of spiritual guidance”

“I was finally able to forgive a man that I had no intention to forgive, “ever” who I had hated for almost 17 years but against my will God has taken that from me!  Imagine that?  What a wonderful feeling, to be able to forgive, and even better feeling that God give us a glimpse every now and again to see the love that our human forms cannot contain but that is waiting for us after we leave this place to join Him….I have been crying and weeping over everything (Love) and it is so nice to be able to experience emotions again.  God is Good!”

“The love that [is] generated through this program is unbelievable.  And as an incarcerated individual the love that was provided this weekend we don’t see often.”

“I was able to remove a big load of unforgiveness towards myself and others.  I was able to open the door to my heart and let the Lord in.  I will be able to be a changed man, and be better to my wife and my kids.”

“A lot of us growing up are taught that familial (family love) is the greatest and never ending love, only to come to prison and find out, that if you mess up bad enough family will abandon you too.  Then sets in bitterness, regret, hostility, etc.  Due to the rejection…Only to one day find out people that never knew you in life, cares about your life, and this is done by the example of WWJD.  So we begin to see, to wonder, to ponder.  What is life like as a sincere Christian as a new creature at the hand of God and His Guidance”

“Your efforts speak love to the soul of the lonely, oppressed, and stricken person.”