Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why Stand?

You ever heard the phrase "You gotta stand for something or you will fall for anything?" I believe this. I try to to live this. However, I am definately the opposite of perfection, and I fail as often as anybody. That being said, I keep getting back up and trying again.

You see I have help along the path of life. I have a friend who is always with me, giving aid and comfort when necessary and a swift knock upside the head when I'm in the wrong.

I bet you know what's coming next. Your right. I am a Christian. Jesus is my personal Savior and I want to serve him. I have been considering some radical changes in my life and creating this blog is one of the smaller ones I feel compelled to do.

So yes, this blog will be about my core Christian beliefs, the Holy catholic church, and my own struggles to live a Christian life. Those of you that know me personally, know that I can be crass, obnoxious, drink too much (I'm a lightweight when it comes to alcohol), and I have not lived the ideal Christian life in any sense of the word.

But I'm still saved.

Christ doesn't care about that stuff, as I have repented of my sins, and he has restored me to his service. He forgives all. The big stuff and the little stuff. Even better, he forgets what he forgives. That's his divinity. We humans (except for the extremely rare few, of which I am not one) are generally incapable of true forgiveness and really can't forget the hurts, especially the big ones.

So I'm creating this blog as a kind of self-searching, answer seeking exercise of the heart and mind, and hope that maybe someone else can learn from it as I will be learning by doing it. There are so many questions about religion, God, and the Church today. I'm hoping to take on many of them herein. I will do so with a prayerful heart, seeking the knowledge from His Word and various theologians, pastors, historians, and even non-believers.

What kinds of questions am I talking about? Why was Jesus Baptised? What is marriage? What about Homosexuality? What about the "Big" sins like murder, rape, etcetera? What is the role of the Church today? Why do I get angry when I listen to Christian Talk Radio and all I hear are accusatios, judgementalism, and anger from people who should be speaking of God's love and forgiveness? What about the afterlife? Is there really a devil and demons? How did the Church evolve from a Jewish Sect to the leading world religion? Why are there so many different "types" of Christians? And finally what does it mean to be saved?

I'm not going into this with any real gameplan. I'm just going to blog about whatever strikes my fancy at the time, but I am hoping to be led in the Spirit, and I hope, if nothing else comes from this, that someone, somewhere, may take some solace, inspiration, or knowledge from my meager efforts.

So join me. Stand for something. Even if you disagree with me. I invite you to stand with me.

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