Saturday, March 22, 2014

Who is Hurting? Scene Two

Okay, this next one is made up.  One character on stage, one in the tech booth as the "voice."
Who is Hurting?

Character:  I wanted to get involved.  To help people.  I’m a good person.  I’m willing to help folks when they need it.   But I mean really, what difference can one person really make?

Voice from Above:  Save all mankind.

Character:  Yeah, but that was Jesus, you know God.  He wasn’t human, I mean, only half.

Voice:  WRONG!  He was fully Human, and fully Divine!

Character:  Okay, okay.  I think I remember that, but I mean no one can measure up to Jesus.  Is that what you are telling me to do?

Voice:  No, it’s not, and you are right, no one can.  That’s why he was the Savior and you are the saved.

Character:  So I am right then?

Voice:  About what?

Character:  I really can’t make a difference, not really.  One person can’t solve homelessness, fix alcoholism or other drug addictions.  I’m right.

Voice:  You think so?

Character:  Yep.  I do.  I mean  I do care, but I don’t really have time to get  involved and anything I do won’t make a difference anyway.

Voice:  Have you ever heard the story of the little girl and the 1000s of beached starfish.

Character:  Can’t say that I have.

Voice:  A little girl was on the beach one morning surrounded by thousands  of beached starfish.  As the sun was coming up the starfish were slowly dying.  The girl would bend over, carefully pick one up, and throw it as far as she could into the water.  Then she would do it again.  A man came by and asked her what she was doing.  She replied, “I’m saving the starfish.”  The man shook his head and said, “You can’t save them all, you should just leave them alone.  It doesn’t really make a difference you know.”  The little girl looked at the man, picked up another starfish, threw it into the sea, then answered, “It made a big difference to that one.”  The man thought about it, and joined the little girl,  saving as many of the starfish as they could.


Character:  Okay, I get ya.  It matters to those that are helped.  But I still don’t have time to really do anything. 

Voice:  You want a reward?

Character:  I dunno about that.  I guess if I’m giving my money or my time I should at least be recognized for what I did.


Character:  Hello?....Hello?  Are you there?

Voice:  Yes.

Character:  Why did you bug out like that?

Voice:  I thought maybe your big head on stage was enough.  Might get crowded.

Character laughs:  Right. 

Voice:  Why do we do good things for others?

Character:  I dunno.

Voice:  We do good deeds not to be Christian, but because we are Christians.

Character:  Well, that’s pretty high falootin’ of ya.

Voice: Not really.  Jesus said “Be a servant to all.”

Character:  “But how?”

Voice:  Visit those who are sick in the hospital, those in prison, widowers, work with orphans, give food to hungry, water to the thirsty, clothes to the needy.

Character:  Sounds like socialism.

Voice:  No.  It sounds like love.

Character:  Okay, I get the sick, widows and orphans, but those guys in prison are scary. 

Voice:  God does not judge a man until he is dead.  So why should you?  You are called to be a witness, not a lawyer or a judge.

Character:  Laughs.  Alright.  I get it.  I’m gonna do better.  I’m gonna stand on the promises of God.

Voice:  Maker sure your standing and not just sitting on them!

Character turns to leave, then : “Hey.  I’ll do my best, but what if it isn’t good enough?

Voice:  It’s okay.  God doesn’t grade on a curve, he grades on a Cross.

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